Juicing or Blending?

Juicing and blending are in trend for a long time now.

We’ve heard that drinking smoothies and juices is good for our health. And later, we heard the opposite.

One more time we are confused about what’s good or not.

Both 2 have benefits and what makes also a big difference is what we put inside… It’s the same when we choose a store-bought juices/smoothies.


  • Juices separate the pulp from the juice, leaving the fibre.

  • The nutrients are highly concentrated in juices, allowing for quick and easy absorption. It may be helpful to give us a quick boost of energy.

  • Because there’s no fibre in juices to slow down the absorption process, all the nutrients and antioxidants go directly into the bloodstream.


  • Blenders combine all ingredients. Whole fruits and vegetables are blended so all the fibre goes into our body. It will keep us full longer.

  • The insoluble fibre allow for a slower energy release. It may be helpful to control our appetite between meals or keep our blood sugar balanced.

  • Some of the nutrients in smoothies attach to the indigestible fibre, leaving less nutrients to be absorbed.

As I said above, what we choose to put inside our juices/smoothies makes a big difference: more greens and less fruit.

--> Try the 3-1 rule : 3 vegetables for 1 fruit.

Also consider your personal goals and needs; you can add protein powder, oats etc.

When it comes to store-bought juices, read labels carefully;

  • Pasteurized juices: They are on supermarket shelves for weeks. Usually they contain artificial flavors, additives and preservatives. They contain little to NO benefits and have as much as sugar as soda.

  • Raw juices: Prepackaged raw juices are a great option.

Always look for words like RAW, ORGANIC and UNPASTEURIZED. Try to choose glass bottles when possible (to avoid chemicals) and if it’s a plastic bottle make sure it’s BPA free.

Last tip: If you make your own juice, drink it fresh and quickly. Don’t wait to drink it; vitamins and minerals can be destroyed with increased exposure to air and light

Have a good day everyone


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