My "Why", My Story

“Before anything else, Find yourself Be yourself And love yourself...”

Few years ago I was like you.

I didn’t eat carbs in the evening.

I had a list (in my mind) with 2 groups: “Good” and “Bad” foods.

I thought if I ate pizza, cookies or even bread, I will gain weight.

I thought the only way to stay in shape was to exercise (cardio of course) and avoiding as much as I could the “bad” foods on my "list".

I hardly ordered what I wanted at the restaurant.

I didn’t feel comfortable when I was invited to friend’s house.

And I was even stressed when I had to choose a sandwich in a bakery (because I wanted to make sure I will choose the one I thought will be the healthiest option and the less fat, with less calories etc).

I deprived myself and felt frustrated.

I wanted to control all the food my body will have all the time.


Because of what a read on magazines, social media, TV Shows and what people around me was saying…

Because I was confused about what to eat or not eat.

Because of the social pressure.

Because I was just lost

What happened?

My son was growing up. He was now eating with us at the dining table.

I realized that I didn’t want him to feel like that.

I didn’t want him to feel uncomfortable and stressed about food.

You know what we say “One day or Day one you decide…”.

That’s exactly what I did.

I decided to hire someone. I needed support and guidance from a professional.

But don’t get me wrong, my husband is and has always been supportive. He is my best friend and soulmate. However, there are some situations where, even with the best support from your partner, friends or family, you need to talk to someone else.

So I hired V., a dietitian. She was wonderful; Patient, friendly and honest with a holistic approach. She has a lot of superpowers. She helped me understanding better where I was and how I could reach my goal; Finding freedom around food.

It was one of my best investments on my health and well-being.

It was one of the best decision I have ever made for me but indirectly for my son too. And my husband. And my friends.

Because if I feel well, they feel well too.

If I am angry or anxious, it will have an impact on my relationships. Do you agree?

After our sessions it took me a little bit time to apply all the things I learned with her.

And that’s ok.

I took the time my body and mind needed and I respected my own pace.

All I wanted it was feeling confident with my food choices.

It was to be able to eat bread without thinking about the potential impact it will have on my shape.

It was to be able to order a simple bowl of pasta at the restaurant without feeling anxious.

It was to be able to eat my Kinder Bueno without feeling guilty.

I just wanted to be free.

And I did it.

Baby steps by baby steps I achieved it.

It takes time. It’s not always easy but it’s worth it!

And because of that and my passion for health, nutrition and wellness, I said bye to my Executive Assistant job and jumped into a Health Coach training. I wanted to make a difference in someone’s life.

I wanted to give you this freedom too.

I am grateful to be able to support and guide women who are in this situation.


You shouldn’t feel worried when you think you’ve eaten “too much”

You shouldn’t try to “correct” it by eating less the next meal or making a juice detox for 1 week.

You shouldn’t feel anxious when you order food at the restaurant.

You should enjoy EVERY moment in YOUR life.

Now, imagine if you could;

Eat what you want, any time you want it WITHOUT any negatives thoughts

Not be obsessed with the number on the scale

Feel comfortable in your skin.

Yes freedom around food takes time and commitment to develop.

But we all have the choice to make conscious and deliberate decisions.

And you can take the first step right now:

Contact me and tell me YOUR story.

Let’s chat about it and let me help you find a way to be food freedom too.


C&You Coaching, by Claudia C.

Certified, Holistic Health Coach

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