Imagine if you could lose weight and keep it off,
without giving up pizza and cookies...


You want to stop feeling guilty about eating certain foods.

You want to end emotional eating.

And you want to look fantastic and feel comfortable in your skin.


I tell you that you can wear your favourite jeans again without 2h of cardio every single day?

I tell you that you can do it without any diet, restriction or frustration?

I tell you that you don’t have to drink weird shakes as meal replacements?

I tell you that you can do it without feeling hungry or unsatisfied?


I have been there too.

I know all those feelings and emotions.

I know how it can be challenging to simply go out for dinner
(because you're torn between what you want to order and what feels like the "healthy" choice).

I know how unsatisfying it is to eat spinach while your stomach says it wants a “cookie”.


That’s why I designed my new Signature Program.
To help women like you lose weight and keep it off without feeling deprived or counting calories.

Because you deserve it.


You deserve to eat foods that taste good and feel satisfying without worrying about whether you’ll be able to fit into your jeans.


12 weeks where I’ll help you achieve your health & wellness goals; Losing weight & keeping it off.

No more “guilt” about certain foods.

No more stress, emotional and boredom eating.

You’ll be able to order whatever you want at restaurants without second guessing your decision.

You’ll have a positive relationship with food.

You’ll feel great about yourself when you look in the mirror.


You’ll be a new and healthier You.

Signature Program

What's included?

6x45 min private sessions

Weekly recipes and shopping guide (customized to your likes and needs)

Email support between sessions

Handouts, workbooks and exercises

Price: $1'125
(in full or 3x $375)

Ready to lose those extra

pounds without restriction and


C&You Coaching, by Claudia C.

Certified, Holistic Health Coach

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